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To help combat the boredom and stresses of the latest lockdown, Commando Joe’s have launched exciting online missions which you can do from home or at school! Tune in daily at 1pm on our YouTube channel, where you can watch Commando Jimmy and his mini Commando Joe’s complete missions from our RESPECT curriculum. 

We’ve already completed several missions following the adventures of Amelia Earhart, Levison Wood and Samuel Pepys. Each mission is different and some require minimal resources. Join us on an adventure across the Sahara Desert, fly across the Atlantic Ocean, build a camp in the South Pole. Transport yourself out of your living room to new continents and get ready for a huge learning adventure. 

You can tune in here

If you’d like to watch a specific mission take a look below:

Mission 1: Simba and Me

Simba and his friends have located Nala in another pride’s territory. Can you make a path to rescue her?

Mission 2: Samuel Pepys

The year is 1666 and a fire has started at the King’s Bakery on Pudding Lane. It is spreading quickly and many people have had to evacuate their homes. In 1666 there weren’t fire engines like we have today. We need to get the water from the River Thames to the fire as quickly as possible and extinguish the flames.

We need to work together in order to put this fire out quickly! 

Mission 3: Amazon Adventure

Having successfully crossed the Amazon River, the teams are ready to build their base camp. 

Everyone is tired and night time will be arriving soon. It’s a good job Commando Joe (teacher or parent) is here to show us how we need to set out our camp. 

It is crucial that the exact layout provided is followed. This will ensure a safe and sturdy camp. Teams must build a replica camp in their designated area.

Mission 4: Space Adventure

Before being skilled enough to enter our universe, Tim Peake completed years of intensive training. Our trainee astronauts have been accepted onto the ESA training course and arrived at boot camp. Your first mission is to design a suit or rocket that will keep them safe and ensure survival outside of the earth’s atmosphere. 

You need to design and build a spacesuit or rocket! You can draw it or get hands-on and collect some materials to build!

Mission 5: Nancy Wake

The spies have successfully escaped from the prisoner-of-war camp, however, they are now stranded in rural France and winter has set in. In order to survive the night, with temperatures due to drop below freezing, spies must build adequate shelter and use the materials on offer to provide warmth to all team members. 

Spies must use the materials on offer to construct a safe and weatherproof shelter (only attempt weatherproof outside) to keep team members warm and dry during the night. 

Mission 6: Levison Wood

Explorers have been dropped in the Himalayan region of Jammu. In order to survive, their first mission will be to find a clean water source and transfer it safely into water containers. 

Mission 7: Sir Ranuplh Fiennes

We are heading out of the Sahara and are now 600 miles from the South Pole. Explorers are camped out in treacherous conditions. The team doctor has become trapped, can our explorers help him? 

Mission 8: Amelia Earhart

Today pilots you will build and test your own aircraft, attempting Amelia’s famous journey across the Atlantic Ocean. 

We hope you take part and send us your own missions from home, we’ve already had some great submissions! Each week we will select our favourite submission and they will win a CJ goodie bag! Make sure you tune at 1pm every weekday to see the latest mission!