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We cover the entire country from Cumbria to Cornwall and everywhere in between!

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Call: 0844 800 3212

Call 0844 800 3212 Or email

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When it comes to building character and resilience in schools, there is nobody better trained than Commando Joe’s team of highly skilled instructors.

We employ military veterans from across the armed forces, who have shown bravery and strength of character in some of the most demanding situations. We pick the best and we retrain them to go in to schools and pass their unique skill set on to the next generation.

Current Vacancies

Commando Joe's Instructor


We are looking to recruit a number of new instructors in both May and October this year.

Our primary recruitment areas are:

North West; Midlands; Northampton

If you’ve been in the military and think you’ve got what it takes to be an amazing, inspirational role model to children –
we would love to hear from you!

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