Commando Joe’s Presents: Let’s Play

A pupil-led play enrichment programme delivered by the children for the children. Promoting positive behaviours and a proactive mindset. Putting the structure into unstructured times.


Let’s change the way they play.


There are 16 known play types which help support the development of young people, with our Let’s Play programme every aspect of play will be covered in a variety of missions.

Our Commando Joe’s star encompasses the 7 core elements of play to promote social and emotional learning and build upon the foundations of R.E.S.P.E.C.T. 

Play at breaktime is the main form of exercise for children and can contribute up to 40% of a child’s recommended daily physical activity. Let’s Play adds to this with mini-missions to promote physical, locomotor, social, creative skills and more.

Let’s Change the Way They Play.

What do we offer?

Building character, self-worth and confidence in young people. For happier, healthier living.



Dozens of super creative mini-missions delivered by the Junior Joe’s covering our 7 areas of play.


Let’s Play Box

Resource box with all equipment (up to 72 activities), suggested missions, resource cards, assembly content and staff resource guide.


Junior Joe’s Programme

Junior Joe’s are the pillars of character in any school. It’s a play leaders programme, with a difference.



Annual programme review and further guidance for the next group of Junior Joe’s.


HQ Support

Get support with your programme launch, with assembly templates, social media posts and more. 

We are excited to introduce the Let’s Play programme, which is designed to transform school break time into opportunities for character-building and positive behaviours. In both Key Stage One and Two, 21% of the school day is dedicated to breaks, and Let’s Play aims to make this time more than just a pause in the day.

Our Junior Joe’s programme, targeted at upper Key Stage Two students, offers them the chance to take on responsibilities, assist younger peers, and develop their leadership and teamwork skills. This ensures that break times become exciting sessions that naturally integrate character development into school life.

By supporting Let’s Play, students will engage in activities that promote cooperation, responsibility, and positive interactions. This programme ensures that learning essential life skills is not only educational but also incredibly fun, contributing to a friendly and connected school community.”

 Dan Kelly, Managing Director
Commando Joe’s

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