What is Commando Joes?
Early Years

Early Years


A suggested programme and curriculum that is broad and exciting..This outstanding programme will provide a great foundation on which all children will get the chance to achieve, be resilient, tolerate others and make great choices for life - inside and outside school. At the heart of our curriculum design is the unique child, with the promotion of the Five British Values and the teaching of the 7 core Character traits interwoven into the Early Years.Each mission identifies the prevalent Characteristic of Effective Learning. 
Each Character overview also has a range of ideas for both the Prime and Specific areas of Learning and Development Take your children on their own journey of character discovery.

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Primary (KS1/KS2)

Primary (KS1/KS2)

The design of the Character Curriculum/programme is completely suggested and is used to complement any existing curriculum. Join hundreds of schools nationwide who have used the programme to help develops children’s skills, knowledge and understanding whilst building
their capacity to choose intelligently between decisions that contribute to their character development and specific learning. Topics can be used to create a curriculum framework that guides the direction of learning expectations and progress as well as identifying coherent expectations for each child’s character learning journey. Our RESPECT framework supports the “Whole school approach” and staff to be able to help children to develop these behaviour traits within a number of exciting topics based on amazing characters and aspects of their life stories. Significant heroes/heroines, explorers and adventurers have been identified to support children’s understanding of these essential life skills.

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A catastrophic and well-coordinated cyber-attack on the electric grid has devastated the economy. Great Britain suffers a nationwide power failure. The whole of the United Kingdom’s infrastructure has been affected including; rail networks, blocked roads, no traffic signaling systems and no street lights putting the country into darkness. You and your team have no alternative but to get out of school, take any equipment you may need and attempt to get your team to the relief center located at the towns central holding area.

The school led secondary programme has been designed to support KS3/4 pupils with the ever challenging social skills needed to flourish in a modern Britain. Pupils will work on 4 key areas of development to build resilience and leadership, working with others and communication skills. All this based around school grounds. Staff

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Commando Led

Commando Led

Our founding programme was born from the Department for Education’s Character and Essential Life skills programme, We have received over 4 million pounds in funding to support veterans with the right aptitude and passion to work with young people and schools. A limited number of elite Instructors can come into your school or organisation using researched based and evidenced, proven strategies to support staff, pupils and parents in any setting.

We design and bespoke programme with every setting as we believe this is the only way a really successful external provider can truly make an impact. Our ethos is that of a whole school approach and we work with everyone in the whole school in some capacity. Even if it’s a friendly hello as they walk into school. Our Challenge is finding the right passionate people who understand education and the pressures of a school. We currently have a waiting list for schools but please contact the office for timescales and specific areas.

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The Benefits of Commando Joes

Commando Joes works with individual children, groups or whole classes to improve behaviour and attitudes towards learning, informed by the school policies.

The Commando Joe programmes encourage children from as young as Reception age to understand their own behaviour and how this can impact upon others.

Commando Joes has a wealth of experience of working with the dis-engaged to encourage a change in the perception of school and promote the want to learn.

Commando Joes will also work with targeted families and encourage children to be in school, and on time through the delivery of fun and engaging breakfast club sessions.

However you want to deliver the Commando Joe programmes, whether they provide the basis of your curriculum, add to your existing curriculum or are used as targeted interventions, the children that take part in the programme will make progress in the 7 Character Traits; Resilience, Empathy, Self-Awareness, Passion, Excellence, Communication, Teamwork.Case studies have shown that with improvement in the 7 character traits, comes improvement in academic achievement.

The Commando Joes programme can be tailored to meet the exact needs of your school.

Whatever your whole-school priorities are, we can support.

With years of experience to draw upon we are yet to find a challenge that is too big for us!

The Commando Joe online judgement tool allows leaders to take a snapshot glance at progress of the 7 behaviour traits across the school/classes. This alongside academic attainment shows progress of all groups including pupils eligible for Pupil Premium or those with SEND.

Are you an Instagram addict, Tweetaholic or Facebook fanatic?

Well, Commando Joe’s is looking for an enthusiastic individual to join its team in Leigh as a Digital Marketing apprentice!

Commando Joe’s is an elite team of military veterans inspiring pupils in schools across the UK with team-building, character and resilience skills. Part funded by the Department of Education.

Join Commando Joe’s on their mission. They understand the struggles faced by schools in modern Britain, and are here to help! Commando Joe’s is not only a hugely passionate organisation, but it’s highly experienced at delivering evidence based, impact driven interventions in all types of schools across the country.

Since September 2009, their founder, Mike Hamilton, awarded an OBE for service to young people in the 2019 Honours list, former veteran and lecturer, successfully received grant funding from the Department of Education to support pupils, parents, teachers and schools Nationwide with building essential life skills, supporting positive behaviour changes and working alongside senior leaders with school improvement plans. Their ethos is around a whole school approach, they believe that parental engagement whole school buy in and giving children a lust for learning, coupled with a thematic approach to curriculum ensures success!

The aim of the programme is to help develop essential life skills and character skills to young people Nationwide. At the heart of everything they do is supporting fantastic teachers and senior leaders with a focus on whole school improvement.

As an apprentice with Commando Joe’s, you will gain a further qualification and progress your career in a varied and challenging digital marketing role.

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK, so prospects upon completion are very promising!

To apply visit https://www.juiceacademy.co.uk/apprentices-apply


- A-C English and Maths at GCSE or equivalent
- A passion for social and digital!

Deadlines for entry: 12th July

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend a selection day on the 17th July where the lucky apprentices will be chosen. If you are selected you will be expected to start your apprenticeship on the 22nd July please mark clearly on your application if you will be unavailable to start on this date and we will consider you for future selection days.

Note: The Juice Academy will recruit a number of apprentices to start in July and while you’re applying for a position with Commando Joe’s, you may be placed in a different, equally exciting role in a different company as part of the programme.