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Our Packages

At the heart of every programme, design is the recognition of teacher time, workload pressures and that one size does not fit all!

CJs provides bespoke training enabling you to deliver the full programme in school, or our instructors can support with delivery – whichever works best for your school, teachers, parents, children and wider school community.  

Here are some examples of our packages developed with schools, children and young people supported by a robust Theory of change and evidenced-based results.


Adventure Learning Programme (ALP)

In school residential for all Key Stages.

Adventure Programme

Years 1-6

Staying safe in the dark, the Importance of Health and Hygiene and how to survive if you ever get lost.

Character for All (CfA)


Programme For the whole school delivered by us or let us train your staff.

Positive Culture, Ethos and Leadership Programme (CELP)

A teambuilding day for teachers and staff that includes leadership, communication, working with others and developing-self.

Levison Wood – Walking Arabia

Primary / Secondary

Follow in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia, Wilfred Thesiger, Richard Burton, Ibn Battutu and Levison Wood.

Military Ethos Alternative Programme (MEAP)

DfE funded programme that enables veterans to support primary and secondary schools with a whole-school approach.

Operation Blackout


Leadership, developing self, communication skills and working with others.

Operation New Beginnings

A fantastic way to support the transition in Primary or in Secondary school. Delivered by us or let us train you to deliver the programme.

Supporting Challenging Behaviour Programme (SCBP)

A bespoke programme where a highly-skilled veteran will support children, staff and parents with challenging behaviours.

Virtual Mentor Programme

Contact us for more information, this programme is bespoke for every setting.

School Led Packages

Our inclusive school-led programme has been designed and developed by school leaders, teachers, children and young people. YOU can tailor the programme to make it 100% YOURS!!

Our packages include a wide variety of constantly refreshed resources with a proven Theory of Change and evaluation framework. They allow children and young people to develop life skills, improve attendance, develop a growth mindset and build resilience. Alongside supporting behaviour management, which will all have a positive impact on their educational engagement, future employability and importantly physical and mental well-being.


It’s a really cheap deal. The value for money is immeasurable, especially for disadvantaged pupils. Kids from difficult households, who are disaffected or withdrawn with no aspiration or motivation go on to lead their peers, have amazing ideas and gain an enthusiasm for learning and doing. You can’t put a price on that

Primary Headteacher, Ask Research independant review







Digital online programme
– KS1
– KS2
– Transition
Hard Copies of the Programme resource packs
*RRP £500
– Additional copies £150 each
Online digital video training
– Can be done when its coinvent for staff and school and can be repeated!
CJ’s box with all the resources to deliver the programme
*RRP £1,498
Updates to the existing programmes
Character and Inspiring leadership Conference
– 2x SLT members annually
Unlimited virtual support from CJ’s HQ
Bespoke training day on school site
– Whole school up to 100 staff
– Twilight session available
– Inset days (limited due to popularity)
Always Learning Package
– Termly online video lesson for school
– 1- day CPD day for 2 staff FREE
– Top secret Xmas pack
– RESPECT badges every September
CJ’s Parents Portal (Sept 2020)
– Monthly missions for the whole family linked to the programme
(Non CJ schools £40 per year per family)
New programmes
(Some programmes may be subject to additional cost)
Annual invoice amount £1,500 £2,000 £2,500
Cost of four year programme £6,000 £8,000 £10,000

*Any extra days of delivery for the children or staff @ £500 per day subject to availability
Additional boxes at cost of £1,498 plus VAT

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