About us:

Commando Joe’s is not only a hugely passionate organisation, but it’s highly experienced at delivering evidence based, impact driven interventions in all types of schools across the country.

Since September 2009, our founder, Mike Hamilton, awarded an OBE for services to young people in the 2019 Honours List,former veteran and lecturer, successfully received grant funding from the Department for Education to support pupils, parents, teachers and schools Nationwide with building essential life skills, supporting positive behaviour changes and working alongside senior leaders with school improvement plans. Since 2012 the Department for Education have funded our programmes and most recently we are supporting Opportunity areas across the country with Character Education. The organisation has expanded from 2 Instructors in the North West to over 50 full-time staff delivering our Commando Led programme in thousands of schools nationwide! Our whole ethos is based around a whole school approach, we believe that parental engagement, whole school buy in and giving children a lust for learning, coupled with a thematic approach to the curriculum ensures success!


“Leaders adopt or construct a curriculum that is ambitious and designed to
give all learners, particularly the most disadvantaged, the knowledge and
cultural capital they need to succeed in life”

“The curriculum and the provider’s wider work support learners to develop
their character – including their resilience, confidence and independence –
and help them know how to keep physically and mentally healthy”

“Leaders have a clear and ambitious vision for providing high-quality,
inclusive education and training to all. This is realised through strong,
shared values, policies and practice”

From this, an international independent evaluation of the programme carried out by Swansea University  (Arch Exercise Health Dis 5 (1-2): 377-385, 2015) a randomised controlled trial was published.

Most recently we have been funded by the Education Endowment Fund, this is to trial an intervention based around the impact of meta-cognition and self regulation through “Adventure Learning”.

The primary aim of our programmes is to help develop essential life skills and character skills to young people Nationwide. At the heart of everything we do is supporting fantastic teachers and senior leaders, with a focus on whole school improvement and a whole school approach, delivered through our suggested RESPECT framework.

Our key development partner is the The Wise Owl Trust , Sophie Murfin the executive principal has supported, designed and embedded the RESPECT core life skills curriculum as part of its whole school ethos and culture. The progress of children against the seven core values are celebrated with as much emphasis (if not more) than the core achievements expected by children. We have data demonstrating real time impact of the programme at individual child, class and school level.


“A key feature of the school is your innovative approach to the curriculum.”

“Key to this success are the seven core values of ‘RESPECT’ that permeate all aspects of school life and underpin decisions about school policies. Staff teach pupils the importance of resilience, empathy, self-awareness, positivity, excellence and communication. Pupils chosen to be ‘Junior Joes’ model these behaviours around the school and help other pupils to do the same. Pupils can explain what good behaviour looks like and why it is important to help good learning. “

“Teachers provide pupils with a wide variety of opportunities to extend their learning across a range of subjects. For example, pupils explore the journeys of inspirational characters from literature and history and consider what made them special. They have opportunities to apply the skills learned in mathematics and English lessons as they build knowledge across the curriculum.”

We support thousands of schools across the country, in areas of high deprivation or schools in affluent areas. Regardless of status we design a bespoke programme for every single school we work with, this ensures success and impact, supporting with school improvement plans and reviewing the impact each term, we can support and improve the educational outcomes for all pupils regardless of their background or challenges.

CONTACT US NOW about our SCHOOL LED or COMMANDO LED bespoke programme!

We believe in a whole school approach and that if you look after the whole child everything else falls into place. If it was only that easy !!

We have received the most funding nationally from the Department for education to help support schools with character development and recently been chosen alongside the Outward bound Trust awarded a groundbreaking trial measuring the impact of adventure learning.

Our challenge is finding amazing veterans with the aptitude to work with children and who are passionate about making a difference to young people. As you know with any external provider it’s all about the person.

We pride ourselves around modelling outstanding behaviours for young people and supporting teachers in the challenge landscape we find ourselves. Parental engagement is a key factor in our success, ethos of No Child left Behind and helping young people realise their full Potential embodied by Instructors passion to make a difference.

We currently have a waiting list for schools wanting a person, however every area is different so please contact us to find out specific waiting times.

If you want a free consultation to see how we can design a bespoke programme for your setting please contact us at our HQ

The Instructors deliver from 8am – 4:30pm:

Here are some of the suggested interventions and support our staff can provide. Our success come down to a whole school approach and evidence based practice..

– Breakfast, lunch and after school club
– Character Curriculum
– Leadership programme
– Termly reviews and fluid programme
– Target intervention and focus groups
– Whole class
– PPA cover
– LAC support
– Behaviour support
– VIP lunch table
– Mentoring Programme
– Guided reading
– Staff well-being sessions

Our sustainable NEW SCHOOL LED initiative, which has been taken on board by more than 250 schools nationwide in the last 12 months!

Waiting times may apply due to limited training slots area dependant.

We know that challenges such as behaviour for learning, attendance, disengaged pupils ,the building of confidence and self-esteem, using coping strategies through meta-cognition and self regulation or even having support from a positive, inspirational role model who can support the most vulnerable of pupils with the challenges that they now face in an ever changing modern Britain.

Our success is down to ultimately partnership working with unbelievable schools, we are hugely passionate about and believe in a whole school approach. Rewarding negative behaviour or having an intervention that has no real or lasting impact is something that should be questioned and is that right for your school and your children.

Every child, parent and every teacher should be part of the programme and understand the journey. Even if it is a small as saying “hello” and good morning at the start of each day, or holding a door open with a smile and saying thank you. We genuinely believe in modelling positive outstanding behaviours to all.

Our vision is to ensure that we do not leave any child, teacher, parent or  senior leader behind…


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