We are so excited to share with you Woodlands Primary School’s new resources. They’ve developed 5 brand-new resources to inspire other primary schools to invigorate their character learning. The new resources are available to download on the Commando Joe’s portal. We hope they inspire schools to create their own Commando Joe-inspired missions, to further develop young people’s learning and experiences. 

We had a few questions for Woodlands Headteacher Victoria Carr.

  • How do you implement Character into your school?

It is important for us to model behaviour at all times and for children to see this enacted. Good character comes from clear boundaries and expectations consistently applied and then talking through with children when they fall short of these expectations and what went wrong. Coaching children to see where they can improve and change is important.

  • Why did you want to expand the character curriculum?

Our children are bright, able and keen to learn. They have the foundations and are ready to develop a more sophisticated understanding of their own abilities – therefore the character curriculum enabled us to provide a scaffold for children to do just this in an emotionally safe space and alongside their peers in a fun way.

  • How did your school find the latest missions you created?

We do everything as a team and our staff have a wealth of innovative ideas. We worked collaboratively to design some curriculum-related missions based on pupil ideas generated as fun homework. The staff built the missions and then put them into practice. As a result of this iterative process, they were able to involve pupils in evaluating the missions and tweak them as appropriate.

  • Any recommendations to other schools on how to support the RESPECT programme?

Reaching out to the network of schools already using the programme and also not being afraid to build on it and develop it in their own way, personalisation means so much to children – we did it with our school dog as we emerged from lockdown and the children responded brilliantly!

  • What’s next for Woodlands Primary School?

Further work with the amazing Commando Joe’s team!

Thanks so much to all Woodlands Primary School staff who have created these fantastic missions for you all to enjoy!

The resources are available on the Commando Joe’s portal.