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Our instructors are carefully selected and undergo intensive training to ensure they’re the best when it comes to teaching our character and life skills education programme in schools.

Only the most inspiring, pro-active and committed people can become a Commando Joe or Jane, and as a result we have limited availability on our Instructor-Led programme until 2018.

But that doesn’t mean your pupils have to miss out.  Every school is different, so we’ve designed our curriculum with flexibility in mind. The programme can be a toolkit to support and promote SMSC, British values, health and wellbeing, teamwork and leadership, PSHE and even holiday clubs. Sign up for our Essential or Team package and an Elite Commando will visit your school to train and support staff to effectively implement the programme to best suit your needs.

Our goal is to engage even the most reluctant learners, so all of our packages include a Top Secret box packed with cross-curricular resources, amazing video hooks for every module and innovate online tracker tools to help pupils mark and celebrate their achievements. Leaving no child left behind, we inspire pupils to rise to the challenge, strive for excellence and develop resilience, empathy and a passion for learning.

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Character Education

Endorsed by Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the “world’s greatest living explorer”, our unique character education curriculum is designed to ensure every child reaches their full potential.

Based on the lives of real-life adventurers and explorers, such as Sir Ranulph and Tim Peake, we have designed a complete package of lessons and online support that is ready to go in your school today and form part of your curriculum.

Pupils learn about a different hero or heroine over each term, with practical and mental tasks to complete based on their adventures.

Designed with educationalists, each lesson is structured to give pupils the character tools and values they need to be successful in life such as resilience, determination, empathy, and courage.

Lessons are supported with “field report” films featuring Commando Joe, developed by a Bafta-winning animation company. Plus, a whole website of dedicated resources, support, celebration and reflection materials tools.

Choose between enlisting one of our Commando Joe’s instructors to deliver the course in school, or our new school-led package with full training and support for your staff to deliver our character education curriculum themselves.

Either way, we are confident that when it comes to Character Education, this is the best of the best.


At Commando Joe’s we believe that no child should be left behind – which is why we developed our one-to-one mentoring programme.

Working together with your teachers, we can provide dedicated extra help and support to pupils facing some of the greatest challenges.

Sometimes having a person, like our instructors, who has different life experiences can provide a different perspective, source of wisdom and support.

Used within a bespoke programme for your school, Commando Joe’s can build real rapport with pupils who need that extra encouragement. With the focus on assertive mentoring to help those children develop and progress, whatever challenges they face.

Testimonials from our existing schools can speak for the amazing results.

Team-Building Sessions

Our greatest strength at Commando Joe’s is our team of inspiring veterans, who use their experience and expertise to create totally unique team-building lessons.

Over the years we have developed an amazing set of resources and sessions, both practical and mental, to really help pupils develop teamwork and communication skills.

We have taken positive, relatable, military-style tasks and converted them into fantastic journeys of learning to excite and engage pupils into developing their character almost unknowingly.

Pupils will become more confident and resilient, be able to communicate effectively, reflect on outcomes and adopt our ‘can-do’ attitude.

We are confident that when you call in our team, your pupils will realise their full potential and discover they can achieve anything as long as they try hard and keep going.

Evidence It Works

Having seen the amazing results in schools across the UK, we know our brand of Commando Joe’s character education works. But we wanted the evidence to prove it to more schools and the Department for Education!

We enlisted Swansea University to conduct a three-year study on our intervention. This has now been published internationally – click here for the report.

The first study into this kind of programme in the UK, it found amazing results. With significant intervention, effects found at three months for Maths, three and six months in English, six months for attendance and across time for both positive social and problem behaviours – across male and female pupils of all school levels.

As we hear from the hundreds of headteachers we work with, these findings support Commando Joe’s as a whole-school strategy to enhance educational and behavioural outcomes.

Go The Extra Mile

Commando Joe’s ethos is “above and beyond”. Our staff will not only work from 8am-4:30pm but we are all passionate about helping pupils and teachers whatever it takes.

From staying behind for parents evening, taking the school football team to a competition, coming in early to set up for the Christmas play. We are there to make a difference every day.

Plus, our amazing instructors are full of their own ideas – survival schools teaching bushcraft techniques, setting up school cricket teams, leading outdoor adventure trips, to name but a few!

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