Secondary schools nationally have a huge challenges, supporting young people with building resilience and confidence in an ever changing world full of tech and influences from social media.

Preparing young people to have the knowledge but also the skills to be successful in a life in a modern Britain is a challenge.

We have designed a series of missions where students Core Attributes will be put to the test; Communication Skills, Leadership Skills, working with Others and Developing Self. Time for personal reflection and evaluation is given at the end of each Mission. It is important to reflect on both individual and team effort, to seek improvement and build the skill base required to complete the Operation.

The school receives:

– Leadership and Team Box (To keep forever)
– Full staff training (up to 100 staff)
– Video hooks to engage KS3/4 students
– Student mission cards
– Teacher mission cards
– Newspaper articles

After each Operation Blackout mission has been successfully completed, teams
 will assess themselves against our Team Effectiveness Model and their learning journey against the four areas; Goals, Roles, Procedures and Interpersonal Relationships.

The most important thing is that students experience, exciting challenges which prompt discussion and ultimately engage students in reflection. Allowing students to be able to take key strategies back into the classroom and the community.

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