EYFS Programme Pack


Welcome to our EYFS curriculum!

The programme provides a great foundation on which all children will get the chance to achieve, be resilient, tolerate others and make great choices in life – inside and outside of school.

Product Details

At the heart of the curriculum design is the unique child, promoting the five values and teaching of the seven core character traits that are interwoven into Early Years.

  • Nursery –
    Seven missions take children on an adventure with Commando Joe to meet each of the characters. Ideas to adapt the missions in order to make them more difficult are included so that the missions can be repeated. Children can practice controlling their emotions in a fun and safe environment.
  • Reception –
    Each Character has a mini set of adventures taking them through Nursery Rhymes, giving children a more in-depth understanding of each trait along the way. Each one has an additional verse, including teaching the specific character trait. Why not use the evidence, capture cards and Top Secret clues to try and find out who pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall, or get the class to try and fetch a pale of water for Jack and Jill!

*Written by Sophie Murfin 
**Top secret box not included