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School-led package

From £725 per year

Top-Secret equipment, training and complete curriculum. Plus, for the first time, schools can track progress and celebrate success of every child’s character and life skills.

*A Top-Secret COJO Box for school to keep, worth £1,499.
*More than 120 suggested missions, with exciting video hooks to engage even the most reluctant learners, homework sheets and curriculum overviews for teachers and other staff to deliver as part of school curriculum or in lunchtime/after-school clubs.
*Choose from our Essential or Team pack to access these amazing journeys, inspire children and staff and turn your playground into the Amazon rainforest!

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What's included

  • 1 x Top-Secret life skills and character education box worth £1,499
  • 1 x Full training day for staff delivering the programme (Half-day of training on Essential pack)
  • Character Education curriculum with 12 exciting explorer journeys (four journeys on Essential pack)
  • Impact reports and dashboard of progress**
  • Complete cross-curricular connections**
  • Judgement tracker for school, class and individual pupil**
  • Personalised progress reports and certificate termly for every pupil**
  • (**only available as part of Team pack)
  • tootoot safeguarding platform
    – pupil voice. Free for the whole school 3 months worth £550. tootoot