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School-led package

From £1,725 per year

Commando Joe’s will give you all the kit you need and top-class training for your staff to enable school-led delivery.

*Character curriculum and life skills Year 1 programme only £3,795. Year 2 and subsequent years only £975 for access to updated resources, training for staff to ensure CPD, develop the programme and understand updated resources.
*Four-year programme only £1,725 per year. Total cost £6,900, spread over four years.
*Extra boxes charged at £1,250. All prices plus VAT.

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What's included

  • 1 x Top secret life skills and character education box
  • 1 x Full training day for staff delivering the programme (1 day per year on 4-year programme)
  • Character education curriculum
  • Complete cross-curricular connections
  • Judgement tracker for school, class and individual pupil
  • Personalised progress reports and certificate termly for every pupil
  • Impact reports and dashboard of progress
  • Video and picture evidence
  • tootoot safeguarding platform
    – pupil voice. FREE three-month trial for the whole school. tootoot

Bolt-On Options

from £500

All subject to CJ instructor availability
  • 1 x Team building day whole school £500.
  • 1 x Reward day whole school £500.
  • 1x Health and wellbeing day whole school £500.
  • Any further training days £500 per day.