Early Years

Each early years setting receives:

– Top Secret box to keep forever (worth £1,498)

– Full staff training

– Online personalised certificates;including impact and progress tool

– Full resources and mission packs

– Indoor and outdoor continuous provision ideas

– Writing challenges


The first 7 missions take the children on an adventure with Commando Joe to meet each of the core characters to understand the meaning of the Character trait. The story introduces the character to the children in turn, starting with Teamwork (as this is the easier concept to understand) and working backwards through the RESPECT acronym to Resilience. The missions have many ideas to adapt and make the challenges harder, so the missions can be repeated as we know that at such a young age the children learn through repetition and need to practice controlling their emotions in a safe and more importantly, an exciting and engaging environment.

This has been written with the intention of being the first introduction to the RESPECT curriculum for the children, and therefore delivered in Nursery. However, they could be taught to any age group using the ideas from the ‘Challenge and Support’ sections to appropriately adapt the missions.


Each Character has a mini adventure of 3 missions to take them through each Nursery Rhyme giving the children a more in depth understanding of each character trait. Each Nursery Rhyme has an additional verse including the teaching of the specific character trait. We know that children with good ‘beat competency’ learn to read more easily, hence why Nursery Rhymes have been chosen as the hook, and music/beat is key ! The programme can be revisited to challenge your children and support your existing curriculum.

At the heart of our curriculum design is the unique child, with the promotion of the five British Values and the teaching of the 7 core Character traits interwoven into the Early Years.

– Each mission identifies the prevalent Characteristics of Effective Learning.
– Each Character overview also has a range of ideas for both the Prime and Specific areas of Learning and Development

This is the only programme of its kind currently in the sector ,to upskill and support practitioners and teachers with the introduction into Character Education. Letting children explore, independently and creatively  through specifically designed TOP SECRET MISSIONS in an exciting fun environment .

The only restriction is your own imagination…    *Contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION

Design: Sophie Murfin Executive Principal Wise Owl Trust *Outstanding Early Years