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The Cyber Character Programme was pioneered by the mighty Wise Owl Trust.  It covers everything from Online Bullying, Showing Compassion online and so much more through a series of workshops to promote the character values required to foster intrinsic self-control when offered the anonymity of the World Wide Web. As technology now plays such a huge part in the lives of our children, it is important that we provide them with the necessary tools to independently navigate the world of cyber successfully. This includes teaching them what to do when things go wrong, and when no one is looking. We recognise that the freedoms offered by the internet and technology have made the need for intrinsic motivation to ‘do the right thing’ even more important. The fast-paced developments of technology, ultimately means that we need to prepare our children for a future world that is unknown.

Also receive a free copy of “FutureProof” by Tom Harrison (Author), Gianfranco Polizzi (Author), Sophie Murfin (Author), Lee Peachey (Author)Futureproof shows school leaders and teachers how they can educate for digital citizenship through the adoption of a new, comprehensive and coherent framework. The book addresses a gap as there are currently no well-known frameworks that provide a comprehensive approach to teaching digital citizenship education in UK schools. This is surprising given how digital technologies are part and parcel of most young people’s lives today and will continue to be so in the future. Given that the technologies are constantly changing, it might be said that those responsible for teaching digital citizenship are shooting in the dark whilst trying to hit a moving target. The book brings clarity by explaining the theory and research behind the Futureproof framework, and through its focus on how it can be implemented in primary and secondary schools. The book includes details of the digital citizenship framework, an overview of learning and teaching outcomes and examples from practice throughout.

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