Real Life Artic Challenges with CJ's and the ChillFactore

Real Life Artic adventures @ The ChillFactore with CJ's

Real Life Artic adventures with Commando Joe's at the amazing ChillFactore

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How to box clever in school...

The secret is out! Here's everything you need to know about the COJO Box

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What exactly is ‘character education’?

An insight into how we approach teaching resilience, empathy and teamwork in schools

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A Very Merry Christmas – Commando Joe’s Style!

Top tips from Commando Joe for a peaceful Christmas

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The importance of child literacy – and what we’re doing to help

Our instructors share some of their favourite children’s books as we strive to promote reading in schools

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Teachers, we’ve got your back

Our goal may be to nurture young people and help them to build character, but by supporting pupils we’re also supporting teachers…

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