Commando Joe’s offers free virtual home support to help pupils and parents conquer the latest lockdown!

Calling all parents and schools! 

We’ve got some fantastic news! We are offering 3 months FREE access to the online Parents Portal. Many of you are concerned about the daily upheaval and stress children are experiencing in the latest Covid-19 lockdown. We hope that this will help alleviate some of those daily stresses. 

With the majority of children now learning at home, we want to inject some fun into the home curriculum. You can support your children outside of the classroom with educational missions tailored to the home. The Top Secret Missions missions won’t just keep them entertained for hours. They are designed to help your children develop key skills that will not only support positive behaviours but help every child grow in confidence through play. Whilst developing Resilience, Empathy, Self-awareness, Positivity, Excellence, Communication and Teamwork, along with mental and physical wellbeing that will benefit the whole family.

Our founder Mike Hamilton says

“We hope this helps homeschooling and that you will see your child/children develop resilience, physical and mental wellbeing whilst having fun.  Children might seem to be coping ok on the surface with the lockdown and being out of school – but we are hearing from a lot of worried teachers, heads and parents about the stress they are displaying. Many vulnerable children in schools we work with are having a particularly difficult time being locked down at home. We hope that the Parents Portal will provide some light relief for kids still in school and at home. Our missions can transport you to another place, time and era, helping build positivity and resilience in such difficult times. We are busy adding new missions and adding to our YouTube Channel with our fantastic team. We hope this helps families, schools and any others who may require support. Our priority always is to make sure no child is left behind.”

To access the FREE Parents Portal click here

Don’t forget we’re also adding live missions to our YouTube channel daily at 1 pm, to tune in click here